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School Profile

Kalihi Elementary School is nestled on the green slopes of upper Kalihi Valley. Established in 1954, our green landscaped school educates children in grades kindergarten through five from the upper Kalihi Valley area and the Kalihi Valley Homes public housing project. We are one of nine public elementary schools in the Farrington High School Complex as well as a feeder school to Dole Middle School.
Our population is described as lower-middle to low income with 86% of our families qualifying for public assistance and eligible for free or reduced meals. Ethnically, the school’s largest representation is Micronesian, Filipino, and Hawaiian.
Kalihi Elementary School’s Academic and Financial Plan is reviewed annually by the School Community Council and then presented to our parents and the community. Parent education and parent involvement is an area we continue to work on and incorporate throughout the school year with activities such as our annual Winter Fest and May Fest Programs, Winter and Spring Combos (activities that student and parents participate in together), Student of the Month Assemblies, Parent Workshops, and Coffee Hours.
The school is identified as a Continuous Improvement School. We are working with an outside provider, International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE) to guide our administration and teaching practices to improve student achievement. To address the needs of our student population, our school began to receive teaching and coaching support through ICLE. The goal is to raise student achievement by setting high expectations and providing challenging, standards-based instruction for all students. We believe all students can learn.